Photograph: Cate, aged four years, at the easel during the Governor's visit to St Michael's School.

Having been hoisted into the saddle of a racehorse at a meeting on the island of Guernsey when a tiny child, Cate has always loved horses and animals.

Born in the Island of Jersey on March 10 1962, Cate grew up in a family which included many four legged and feathered members ~ dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and budgies ~ but her main love was always ponies and horses.

Cate on her first pony, Princess.

Cate attended St Michaels' Preparatory School and Jersey College for Girls, leaving at the age of 18 with seven O levels and 3 A levels including A grades in art.

Not attending any Art College owing to family circumstances, Cate pursued a very varied life working in such diverse fields as banking,farming and primary education and even spent some time as a "milk maid" caring for and helping to milk a herd of over 200 Jersey Cattle!

Having gained her gold Medals from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Cate even trod the boards as a "Lost Boy" in the Musical Stage version of "Peter Pan" before deciding when the run was over, that the nomadic life of an entertainer was not for her!
During this time, Cate did not give up part time work as a portrait artist, capturing the characters of children pets and horses as her other work permitted.

In 1988, Cate met her future husband, John, during her pursuit of another unusual passtime, that of .22 target rifle shooting. John, a several times Jersey, Channel Isalnd and Commonwealth Games, European Federation Champion and a Commonwealth Games competitor representing the Island, married in 1991. They have two daughters, Juliette and Caroline who share their mother's love of art and animals.

Becoming a full time Mother did not prevent Cate from taking her Art more seriously and thanks to the valued baby sitting services of her Mother, continued to hone her skills, developing a reputation for detail and accuracy in portraiture whilst never abandoning the quest to portray the true "spirit" of her subjects.

Alongside the paintings, Cate developed her photography skills used so much in obtaining references from which to paint ~ although almost invitably, photogrpahy became a passion in it's own right for Cate and the advent of digital media has led to a greater interest still in this exciting field.

Cate shares her life today with a large red tabby, a Dobermann, a German Shepherd, a Welsh Sheep dog, two miniature Shetlands, Welsh and Connemara ponies and her Arabian horse...and several chickens.

Please take some time to browse through the galleries on the site to view Cate's work.

Many of the paintings and photographs are private commissions and Cate specialises in this type of undertaking.

Cate would always be happy to discuss your requirements and will advise and offer a quotation without cost or obligation to buy.