Cate's Birthplace Burns

25th July 2012
The house in which Cate was born and lived for over twenty years was destroyed by fire yesterday. The unoccupied property known as "Oxenways" in the coastal area of the Parish of St Clement, was seen by neighbours to be ablaze and they raised the alarm.

The property, which Cate had inherited from her late Father, was lived in by her Mother until some years ago and on her departure, owing to ill health, Cate sold the house which was in need of extensive renovation. After an intial effort, with much clearance being seen to be undertaken, work on the property came to a standstill some months ago until recently, when trees were cut at the same time as a substantial number overhanging the gardens were also removed by a neighbour. Firefighters finally brought the inferno under control yesterday afternoon but apparently it looked to be too late to save the building. The roof was almost totally destroyed and all floors and staircases collapsed. It is now thought the remaining walls of the structure, which was over 90 years old, will be too unstable to save and that the house may be demolished, to leave an extensive site. Sites in Jersey are frequently more valuable simply as such than when they support a derelict building and doubtless, the question of development of the area may now come under question. Earlier today, the entire property was noted to be surrounded by what appears to be blue and white tape of the type used by the Police to cordon off sites under investigation. Fortunately no other property in the vicinity was damaged and nobody was injured. Cate and her relatives are understandably shocked as the house had been in the family since 1957 and held many memories to many people. Cate and her immediate family moved to Trinity last year. She had said, " I cannot bear to stay living next to Oxenways and watch the heart ripped out of the house in which I was born and raised." her words have proved tragically prophetic.