Client Recommendations


Oils 182 x 24"

Stanley is a charming Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever whose vibrant red coat and wide, friendly grin made him a wonderful subject. his owner, Heidi wrote:

"The painting made me gasp with joy. It's beautiful. I am delighted with it."

Heidi Heath

Tim, a handsome grey horse was the subject of an oil painting to celebrate his owner, Kerrie's Birthday. The main portrait of Tim has an inset study of him and Kerrie taking a fence in competition. The painting illustrates the great partnership between horse and rider and was a real pleasure to depict.
Kerrie commented on the painting:

It is like having him at home with me. Everyone that has seen it can't believe the likeness. You have really captured him.

Kerrie Le Crom


German Shepherd
oils on canvas 16" x 20"

Kentee is a beautiful German Shepherd, painted for Gail Hickmott of Grehound Rescue (Jersey). Kentee is the only other dog in a sanctuary of 15 lovely Greyhounds who have been rescued by an exceptional couple ~ Gail and her husband Malcolm who have to date rehomed 111 dogs with families in the Channel Islands. The sanctuary dogs all live happily in Gail and Malcolm's home, not in a kennelled environment, but were for various reasons, assessed as unsuitable for life with a regular family. Kentee's Portrait was Mal's Birthday gift to his wife and Gail writes:

"Just had to say another thank-you for what can only be described as one of the most beautiful presents I have ever had. I still keep looking at it all the time, its like you can stroke it and she is going to come out and give you a lick.

Gail Hickmott
Greyhound Rescue (Jersey)


Bluewood Hamamelis ( Hamster)

Photo~Shoot on Grouville Beach

Hamster and his owner, Nicci Drabble, were the subject of an exciting shoot along the south east coast of Jersey one summer evening. The photographs had been taken for a later painting but Nicci was pleased with them in their own right and wrote:

"I love them all .... I can't believe how good they are. Thank you once again, I am so pleased with them.

Nicci Drabble


Two Arabian Mares ~ Oil on Canvas Panel

Two beautiful chestnut Arabian mares were the subject of an oil painting done from emailed images. Their owner, Hilary Keenan wrote on seeing the emailed photograph of the completed painting:

"I'm really looking forward to seeing the painting for real now that I've had 'tasters' of it. I bet it looks fantastic."

and later

"...the picture has arrived, and is on the wall, looking really good. I am pleased with it - you are very talented.... I am delighted to have such a close likeness of my girls and will treasure it indeed. I am looking forward to showing it off to any horsey visitors... thank you again for doing such a lovely painting. "

Hilary Keenan


Arabian Mare ~ Pencil Drawing

Another Arabian Mare was the subject of a pencil drawing commissioned by Sophie Hall as a gift for a relative:

"...thank you for producing such a lovely has been a pleasure to communicate with you. You have been helpful and supportive throughout the whole process."

Sophie Hall


Ouija Board winning at Royal Ascot

~Oil on Canvas Panel

This painting was donated by Cate to Greatwood, a rehabilitation centre for retired racehorses for a Charity Auction

" I would just like to thank you very much for your kindness and generosity in donating such a superb auction prize, the painting of Ouija Board which was brilliant."

Maddy Peake
Charity Adminsitrator
Greatwood Caring for Retired Racehorses


Montage of Two English Pointers and Their Owner, Clive.

Two beautiful Pointers , Kent and Jack, together with their owner Clive, were the subject of an oil painting commissioned by Clive's wife, Jane, who shortly after wrote:

" ...Clive is thrilled with his painting! Many thanks, Cate."

Jane Feltham ~Fletcher


Felix and Fred

Portrait of Two Cats

" I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a fantastic picture, it is beautiful. You are very talented."

Sarah Weaver


An Oil Portrait of a Rescued Cayman Islands Beach Dog

"Thank you so much for the really lovely painting of Ginger, You have immortalised her for us.You are really very talented to capture what you do in their faces. "

Sarah Weaver

Portrait of a Breton Horse

....I am hoping to locate the file for this image of the dearly loved and sadly missed charismatic boy, but here is a word from his owner:

"It still pains me to think of him, even though he was put to sleep just over two years ago, but seeing the glint that you were able to capture so perfectly in his eye (in your picture) allows me to see him first thing in the morning when I wake & just before I go to sleep at night, and feel that he still with me. Thank you so much."

Tara Hill

The thought that in a small way, I can help someone stay close to one much loved through an image which captures the "spirit" in the brush strokes, makes my work feel very worthwhile and I am privileged to be able to do this. ~Cate