18th April 2013
Artist, musician and inspirational speaker, RORY McCANN has been in Jersey to create a beautiful and thought-provoking mural at Jersey College for Girls. The work is based on the theme of evolution, both on land and in the oceans.

A close up of a section of the mural, depicting Rory's favourite subject, the very critically endangered Tiger.

Rory, who has triumphed over difficult personal challenges, now specialises in producing large works, in schools in particular, to help raise awareness of the issues facing the natural world and the creatures that share our planet. He also seeks to motivate the youngsters who see his work, not only to appreciate the wonderful world in which we live, but to make the most of their talents and get the best out of their lives - really, a message for us all - at any age!

"Rock me Mama! "
Rory entertains the audience on the Ukelele.