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Connemara King
Oils on Canvas

March 2015

Proud of The Pride, Pride of The Proud.
March 2011

What better way to introduce you to some of the subjects that motivate me than to show you a project underway of which I am especially proud ~ LIONS.

"The King of Beasts", the Lion is under threat from loss of habitat and hunters in his own native Africa. His cousin across the oceans, the Asiatic Lion is even more particularly endangered.

In too many places, lions are still kept in miserable situations of captivity in poorly equipped and maintained zoos.

Even natural causes such as droughts and disease put the lion under pressure.

"A picture paints a thousand words" so it's been said, and I would like my work to draw attention to the plight of Lions and other threatened wildlife and those organisations that do so much to improve the situation in the hope that it will motivate others to become involved in conservation.

The Lion is a symbol of Pride and Courage and I am working on a collection of images ~ "My Pride".

Would that the world's people took MORE pride in the magnificent Lion who graces our planet with such a majestic presence.

Here are the initial stages of this project.

After seeing these animals through the lens, photographs are selected to work from and the lions are sketched in oil paint thinned with turpentine directly onto the canvas for spontenaiety.

Brush strokes are intitially bold and loose but I tighten and reduce their size with smaller, thinner brushes as I develop the painting.

Vital details such as eyes and whiskers picked out in fine detail, freer strokes being left towards the edges to suggest movement.


"The King" begins to take shape.....

....please return to see how he is coming along....